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for U.S. employers

BDV Enterprise provides United States employers access to a large pool of foreign professionals to address various labor needs including skilled positions, as well as unskilled hourly or seasonal roles.

BDV Leadership Team

Tailored solutions for specific needs.

BDV Solutions opened its doors in 2011 in Greenville, SC as an EB-3unskilled visa consulting service. We quickly learned how to help US employers across a variety of visa classes throughout the US. While we continue to provide the largest number of EB-3 employee sponsor cases, we are proud to help foreign nationals professionally across a variety of employment settings.

BDV Solution
Av. Temp Agency
1+year on average
Short stints
New pool of labor
Same recycled pool of labor
Flow of employees
Adhoc services
Competitive Advantage
Survival Mode
Improves Turnover rate
Worsens or keeps turnover the same
U.S. College Educated*
Mixed bag, some higher education
* Majority of BDV sourced workers fall under this category

Not a temp agency.

Unskilled hourly or seasonal roles such as warehouse, kitchen, and housekeeping.
Skilled positions such as engineers, data scientists, medical field, or teachers.

The complexity of immigration, employment visas and the know-how to navigate an uncertain process has created doubts for some businesses to pursue foreign nationals.

At BDV, we are experts in the immigration services and help bridge foreign nationals who want to work in theUS with employers ready to hire them. We help end-to-end to keep the complexity with us and deliver hard-working professionals to the offices, warehouses, construction sites, hotels, and more of our clients' businesses.

Our team.

BDV Solutions, LLC ("BDV") is a third-party provider of employee sponsor consulting and visa case management services in the United States. BDV works with the top immigration law firms to match foreign professionals to the needs of U.S. employers.

Our team is lead by our executive leadership team of Karin Borchert, Chris Richardson, Holly Lee, Romina Rozensztajn, Nhu Y Le, Josh Miner, and Flynn McKinney.

Karin Borchert
Chris Richardson
Holly Lee
Romina Rozensztajn
Nhu Y Le
Josh Miner
Flynn McKinney

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South Carolina

631 S Main St 4th Floor, Greenville, SC 29601, USA

"So delighted to partner with BDV Solutions to staff my restaurants. The candidates hired were well qualified and added significantly to enhance our operational needs."

McDonald's Franchisee

"BDV has been our go-to partner as we’ve shaped a world class work environment to match our innovative business approach to Life Science Innovation."

Medical Tech Startup

"BDV is cultivating an ecosystem that will be the foundation for economic prosperity through the Southeast."

OPT Sponsor

"The employees that we have gotten via BDV learn quickly and are extremely dependable. The steady flow of mature workers has really filled a void."

Subway Franchisee

"Since (the workers) arrival, they have not missed one single day of work and have excelled in every job they have been given."

Restaurant Group

"Our turnover runs somewhere between 100-200% per year but when we decided to use [BDV Solutions], they filled the gaps for us."

Director of Operations
Contract Services Provider